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Brand Activation and Promotion

Brand Activation and Promotion: BTL or below the line activation, is one of the most effective forms of marketing as it involves the consumer, unlike traditional forms of media. Even with a low budget, a lasting impression can be made on the mind of the consumer. BTL involves the use of subtle marketing techniques to get the product right to where the consumers are present. The flexibility of the medium allows for endless innovation.

Mall Promotion Mazic Door


All across India in major metropolises and even small towns, the number of malls is forever increasing. The mall has now come to become a symbol of India’s up and coming middle class and their dreams and aspirations. Mall activations are important because they target the audience right when they are doing the activity brands want them to do – shopping. Mall promotions involve exclusive displays for your brands/services which can reach your preferred target group. Malls have become the hub of consumer activity, and hence promotions in these malls are a crucial part of the marketing mix for any company. It is an effective means of selling brand identity. It uses various forms of display to entice consumers who are present in the mall or shopping area. Mazic Door come up with very unique ideas specific to your brand/ product. We just don’t design and fabricate your stall for your Mall Activity but we really put many brains to get the successful idea which can be executed and can attract your customer. We also make it very memorable experience for your customer which can be remembered for times to come. We always try your Mall activity to make it more fun and experiential moment for your customers.

Road Show Mazic Door


A Road show is a series of marketing events comprised of business meetings and conferences. During a road show, which is organized across different geographic regions and cities, the top management teams of a firm offering securities talk to the potential buyers as well as opinion makers such as analysts and brokers. Road shows form an important part of many corporate external marketing programs. The ability to take a message around the country in a matter of days is very powerful and logistically very challenging for all concerned. 
Road shows offer a huge amount of visibility, be it the most conventional or the most contemporary exclusively depending upon the respective product.

Mazic Door can offer:
  1. > Creative ideas for having exclusive and innovative road shows
  2. > Entire designing & execution of the multi-city road shows
  3. > Relevant fabrication & permissions work.
Shop Promotion Mazic Door


Promoting your store's offerings using simple and effective marketing methods, however, frees you up to spend more time on management and customer service when your foot traffic increases. In-shop promotions, though similar to mall promotions, occur inside shopping complexes and retail stores. Window and sidewalk displays can attract foot traffic and help you stand out from surrounding stores. In the case of window displays, more is not always better. An elaborate display overwhelms some potential customers and takes more time to set up. Instead, focus your window display to just a few popular items or new products. New customers are necessary for retail store's success, but it's also important to bring them back and turn them into repeat customers. 

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